Prom Time Should Be Fun Time

Unless times have changed since I was in high school many years ago, Prom time should be one of the most memorable high school experiences. And the fun starts with the preparation. For young ladies such things must be considered like makeup, hairstyle, and of course, the prom dress. For young gentleman, it is the grooming as well, the suit or tuxedo rental, and if affordable, the limousine rental or other transportation.

A Prom is a large social event similar to the red carpet at the Oscars or Golden Globe Awards. You want to impress your friends and family while not stressing out over what you may not be able to afford, but thankful for what you can. It may only be a one-time event so you want to make everything count.

First, a few tips for the ladies:

  • Begin by making your to-do list ahead of time. Organize it chronologically then check things off as you complete each step.
  • Next, the all-important formal. Finding just the perfect prom dress is not always easy and may take some time to find the ideal dress. There are many places to look for a formal today including online, department stores, and formal dress shops. There are online websites where one can buy, sell or rent formals or wedding dresses and it is a growing business.
  • The dress is just part of the entire formality. Accessories come next such as shoes, purse or clutch, and jewelry.
  • Skin care and makeup need to be considered and started early. With all the many lotions, potions, oils and creams available today many of them need to be used well ahead of prom night. Avoid chocolate and spicy foods to make sure your skin is clear.
  • Hairstyle is as important as the dress. You want to make sure you pick a style that suits you. If you are going to do it yourself or have a friend help you, make sure to practice doing it a few times before prom night. If you use a hair stylist, find a picture of what you would like and take it with you.

For the guys there is a little more planning involved since they are not only responsible for themselves but also usually responsible for the transportation to and from as well. Proms often tend to go all night so after prom activities must also come into play.

A few tips for the gentlemen:

  • Although most men are not as organized as the ladies are, a good to-do list would be in their best interest.
  • Make arrangements to rent that tuxedo well ahead of time and don’t wait until the last minute to get fitted.
  • Know what you are wearing for shoes and make sure they are polished and ready to wear.
  • If you are going to after parties and changing out of your tuxedo, have a bag packed with what you are going to wear.
  • Take care of planning for any grooming such as special hair treatment or haircuts ahead of time.
  • Make arrangements to rent your limousine ahead of time and look for the best deal. Plan to take advantage of the time you rent it by touring the city and enjoying the use of it.
  • Plan for any after prom activities such as bowling, cruising, or attending any after prom parties. This should be your responsibility to make this evening as memorable as possible both for you and for your date.

These are not all the tips but there are certainly enough to get you started. At least you will be ahead of the game and don’t be afraid to add some of your own. The last tip for both young men and young ladies is to be safe and have fun.

About the Author: Alex Uria is an Online Marketing specialist and Social Media manager and acting CEO for Lista Legal an Attorney directory in Spanish.