I am an interested buyer. Now what?  Congratulations! You’re on your way to purchasing that perfect item for your special occasion. Simply click on the buttons on the seller’s page to Contact the Seller, Make an Offer, or Post Comments to the seller regarding the item. If you agree on a price, arrange to make payment by PayPal.

Who pays for shipping and how much does it cost?  You and the seller can discuss whether you pay, the seller pays, or you share the shipping cost. Most sellers will specify shipping as a buyer cost, and it is added to the asking price at the time of sale. The cost of shipping will depend upon the shipping method, shipping speed, and the size and weight of the shipping box (e.g., shipping a ball gown costs more than a simple sheath).  Please make sure the seller provides you with the shipment tracking information.

Is there a return policy?  Whether there is a return policy is up to the seller. If the seller is willing to offer a return policy, they will likely expect that you: (a) notify them within 24 hours of receipt that you wish to return the item; (b) ship the item back immediately; (c) pay for shipping and insurance charges both ways; and, (d) pay a return fee of 10% or more of the purchase price.


Buying and selling online can be easy, fun, and profitable, but when buying anything online, you must use COMMON SENSE. While is doing its best to eliminate spammers from the website, sellers and buyers must also do their part to avoid such people. Below are some tips for sellers and buyers.

1. Use a secure payment method. We recommend using to accept payment. (Read how PayPal works,

2. NEVER wire funds to a seller. Anyone who asks you to do this is a scammer.

3. NEVER give out any personal information. This includes bank account numbers, social security numbers, PayPal account passwords, etc.

4. If you plan to meet in person to buy an item, be sure you do so in a public location, such as a coffee shop, and not at home. Consider bringing a friend along.