1. NEVER give out any personal information. This includes bank account numbers, social security numbers, PayPal account passwords, etc.

2. If you plan to meet in person to sell an item, be sure you do so in a public location, such as a coffee shop, and not at home. Consider bringing a friend along.



1. Listing unlimited items cost as little as only $12/Year! You pay $12 when you list your first item and every single item you list thereafter is free!  That's only $1 a month!!

2. For even more exposure, feature your item for only $2.99 for 7 days or for only $7.99 for 30 days. After the featured period ends, your item will remain on the website for a year. (See more details regarding Featured Items[AW1] )

3. Our $24/yr plan allows you to also have your items listed on our Facebook and Instagram shops until they sell!.


  1. PromAgain is determined to help buyers and sellers with each transaction to guarantee legitimacy and prevent scammers. We will hold your money in our Paypal account and release the proceeds of the sale minus 9% (PromAgain fees) 7 days after the dress has been delivered. 
  2. PromAgain Stores are subject to a discounted Final Value Fees:  6% of the total amount of the sale.



Price it right! An overpriced item is unlikely to sell.

1. Prices are set at the discretion of the seller, but will depend upon the brand, quality, desirability, and condition of the item. We recommend listing items at no more than 25-50% of the original purchase price.

2. If clothing is from a well-known designer, it’s worth more. Items that have never been worn and still have the original tags and packaging will be worth more. If worn once, an item is considered used.

3. Items should be clean, with no stains, tears, snags, or faulty zippers, and no missing buttons or accessories. Any alterations should be described.

4. Clothing items that are 5 years or older, unless truly designer vintage items, may not sell.

5. If you originally paid a large sum for your item, you may get a higher price if you can provide an image of the receipt and/or style number. The style number can be found either on the label or by searching for the item online.

Show it right!

1. Post clear photos, preferably of you wearing the item! Pay attention to the background in your photo. Let’s face it, a bathroom selfie, a dress on hanger, or lying on an unmade bed won’t do justice to your dress or clothing item.

Describe it right!

1. Be descriptive and advertise! Think about the key words you would use if you were searching for your item. Tell buyers what you liked about the item. Don’t forget to brag about designer brands and provide the original packaging, if possible.

2. Be accurate & truthful. (i.e., measurements, alterations, flaws, etc.).

WHO PAYS FOR SHIPPING?  As the seller, you can determine who pays the shipping cost (you, the buyer, or shared between both). Most sellers specify shipping as a buyer cost, and it is added to the asking price at the time of sale. The cost of shopping will depend on the size and weight of the box, shipping method, and shipping speed. Generally, FedEx or UPS is less expensive than the U.S. Postal Service, however the U.S. Postal Service offers a priority mail flat rate which is often more cost effective for heavier items.  Please provide the buyer with shipment tracking information.

SHOULD I OFFER A RETURN POLICY?  Whether there is a return policy is entirely up to you! If you are willing to offer a return policy, buyers should: (a) notify you within 24 hours of receipt that they wish to return the item; (b) they should ship the item back immediately; (c) they should pay for shipping and insurance charges both ways; and, (d) they should pay a return fee of 10% or more of the purchase price.